Nice wise – Wengine

Nice wise – Wengine
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Nice wise – Wengine

Meet Nice Wise, a multi-talented artist with a unique blend of Tanzanian and Chinese heritage, hailing from the vibrant heart of Dar es Salaam, a bustling city. He returns with an exciting new track titled “Wengine.”

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Introducing Kid Tanzanian, the emerging TikTok sensation from Tanzania who has now transformed into a rising music star! 🌟 Kid Tanzanian is making his debut under the VIONGOZI Sports and Entertainment label with his captivating track “Wengine.” 🎶 Dbe go masta’s thought-provoking lyrics inspire us to embrace our individuality, beautifully complemented by Davee Soul’s soulful solo guitar, Muba’s grooving bass, and expert production by Oweee. 🎸 It’s time to put an end to comparisons because our uniqueness is what truly makes us shine!

listen to, “Nice wise – Wengine” below;

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